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Wang Qiang, the 43rd generation inheritor of common prosperity



We are willing to donate Yue Fei of the Southern Song Dynasty with loyalty to the "loyalty cup" to the country to the society It is really exciting: the long-lost Yue Fei's "Jingzhong Zhan" in the Southern Song Dynasty is the inheritor of the 43rd generation, Wang Qiang

岳飞,字鹏举。Yue Fei, the word is Pengju.

相州汤阴人。Tangyin people in Xiangzhou.

宋朝战略家、A strategist of the Song Dynasty



Calligrapher, the first of the four generals in the Southern Song Dynasty.


When the Jin army attacked the south of the Yangtze River, Yue Fei fought against the army and recovered the lost territory. During the reign of Emperor Xiaozong of the Song Dynasty, Yue Fei's tomb was buried in Xixialing by the West Lake.


After the posthumous wu Mu, and then the posthumous zhongwu, the king of E


张俊等人的诬陷入狱惨遭冤死。In the course of peace between Song and Jin, Yue Fei suffered from the surrender of Qin Hui Zhang Jun and others framed prison was death.


厚以待人。Yue Fei was honest and disciplined all his life. Thick to treat people.



Yue army froze to death not tear down houses, starved to death not plunder. The famous saying of the army.


The Jin people said: it is easy to shake the mountain, but difficult to shake the Yue family army.


Because of the enemy fear of the Yue army and respect for Yue Fei caused the dawn of peace; Yue Fei once said that civil officials do not love money, Wu minister at death, the world peace.






When Zhang Jun once asked him about his tactics, Yue Fei said: love, credibility and integrity, wisdom, brave, Tough, no one is missing.


Yue Fei loved tea all his life, and used tea in the war. According to the route diagram of Yue Fei, combined with the later research, during the war in Miluo, Yue Fei used the relevant knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine, with ginger, salt and tea as the basic raw materials, and medicinal tea played a positive role in removing the cold and rheumatism.


These anti-inflammation and infection, enhance the immune function of the tea, can promote the soldiers to keep a clear mind and improve endurance.


In the course of the difficult war, through the practical effect of tea on the body function optimization of the soldiers, Yue Fei educated the soldiers with the strict practice and influence of self-discipline.






Let him " honest service, Be frugal and humble Advocating honesty and thrift be strict with oneself, Filial piety and love the people " the essence of clean government thought shine.


In 1138 AD (878 years ago), Yue Fei led his troops to fight against the Jin army and paid tribute to Zhuge Liang when he passed through Nanyang, Henan province.


In the temple of worship to watch the previous generations of poems and articles, as well as before and after the teacher, looking at, appreciate each other, love can not help but, tears like rain.


Seeing this, the Taoist priest came to serve tea for Yue Fei. After a few rounds of tea, Yue Fei had abundant internal emotion and kept a moderate restraint.


After serving Yue Fei for tea, the Taoist priest presented the four treasures of the study and asked Yue Fei to write an inscription as a souvenir.


At the moment of Yue Fei, the inner passion and pen and paper and ink meet, then fly pen and paper, Zhuge Liang before and after the "out of the teacher table" one breath wrote out.


In the process of writing, Yue Fei from implicit to express, from writing to input, so that the final heart is very excited, tears flow, after writing the last word, Yue Fei put aside the writing!



Look at Yue Fei's schedule, tension is full, full of emotion, but the military appearance is strict Have degree of rules.


So this Taoist priest offered tea seems gentle and clever, but play the role of starting.


On that day, Yue Fei drank tea, and then brush... tea fragrance and ink fragrance together, for us to convey the spirit of Chinese civilization and vitality of temperament!


Yue Fei's short, tragic and heroic life left the Chinese nation the spirit of serving the country. At the same time, he also left a tea cup used before his death, we call it "fine loyalty cup" in the Southern Song Dynasty.


In 1880, Yang Shoujing went to Japan as a minister, when Mr.Yang Shoujing returned to China after completing his resignation.


Tokugawa, the 15th general of Japan, took out two wooden boxes, They say the king of Yue, Prime Minister Wen Zhan, To Yang Shoujing said: since then a farewell, I wonder if I can see Mr.Yang again in this life, Inside these are two tea cups, The ancestors said that it was the use of Yue Fei and Wen Tianxiang, two great heroes in the history of your country, This treasure was originally something out of your country, I greatly admire Mr.Yang's knowledge and integrity, Now you to bring this that belongs to your country, To complete my last wish; This piece is "Jingzhong Zhan", Continuing the style of the Northern Song Dynasty, Is a typical yao transformer building lamp, His bold and generous exposure, The rigorous shape of the bamboo hat, A tough, dark glaze, His inner core is unpredictable; The blue light shone like the sun, the moon, and the stars.


And this "fine loyalty light" just elaborated Yue Fei's forthright character, strict military law, loyal to the country, not greedy for work, not afraid of the enemy, tactical changes make the enemy unfathomable.


"Jing Zhong Zhan" represents the Yue army to train the best soldiers to kill the enemy, the court, and the people and the country.


"Jingzhong light" inherits the Chinese nation's fine tradition of perseverance and perseverance, and uphold justice;


Yue Fei to "loyalty to the country" as the ambition, mind, determined to serve the country, showed Yue Fei's national integrity and indomitable spirit characteristics, also inspired generation after generation of latecomers; cast the backbone of the nation, its spiritual strength is incomparable.


The spirit of loyalty to the country makes future generations respect, loyal, serve the country, its connotation is eternal patriotism.


Yang Shoujing returned to the hometown of Yidu, because of family changes, will Thanksgiving this thing great trust Yu Yidu Wang Shan people, Wang family in order to avoid disaster, never dare not leak any wind.


From generation to generation, the "loyalty cup" is now passed to the 43rd generation of inheritors Wang Qiang; Wang Qiang said: " I dare not forget to inherit the charity of Wang family style.


One day can not forget to return the ancestral motto of the society.


With my own age, and no inheritance, in order not to drown the history of the thousands of years of national heroism, I would like to dedicate the ancestral treasure to the society.


Wang ZuXun, kindness, do good, both rich and poor, Lord wang said to escape famine regardless their clothes, before leaving to eat a bowl of Fried bowl beans, spit shell is false famine, no longer aid, don't spit shell is true famine, willing to do tenant farmers rent-free, don't want to leave each food a liter of winter clothing.


Master Wang told the hired long workers that breakfast three bowls of rice and a bowl of fat meat out of work, eat not also do not do.


Wage day clear day knot, hired workers small to feed, today do not knot money tomorrow his family will be hungry.


Give a meal, please a work, a tenant to see is insignificant is actually can save a life, can save a family life, can save a family life of a foothold, not because of small good and not.


Excerpt from Wang's family motto


Block to have a seat like, the station to have a station like.


There are no leftovers at the bottom of the bowl, and every grain is a sweat.


Dress does not show legs, show legs out of trouble.


Don't eat the rich family banquet, don't drink the poor family wine.


Usher in the first bend down, sent to have a smiling face.


Do not take unjust money, do not know the good or bad.


Do small good lease heart, accumulate great good by virtue.


Struggle a righteous, loyalty to the country


Wang Qiang said: " I dare not forget to inherit the charity Wang family tradition all the time.


One day can not forget to return the ancestral motto of the society.


With my own age and no inheritance, in order not to drown this story of protecting the national treasure and for the national hero spirit for thousands of years, I would like to contribute to the society with the legacy of my ancestors.


At present, Wang Qiang wants to donate this "loyalty cup" to the publicity of the heroic deeds, patriotism education and the publicity of the Chinese traditional culture enterprises, the national art museum exhibition and collection